Keep your customer personal information database automatically updated with PI and marketing consents in your current legal wording

Automatically collects all needed consents with full compliance to industry standards and applicable regulations
100+ companies use their customer lists for digital communication
Digital Consent Booster
Permits to collect personal contact details from your Target Universe HCPs
HCPs grant you their consent to process their PI, as well as do marketing communication to them by any channels using granted PI
You tap into a new specialty
90%+ of Target Universe HCPs are out of your content's reach
Most of the target universe becomes "contactable" for you
With Consent Booster
Non-transparent report
Just number
Our fully transparent report
Full name, Veeva ID, Speciality, Target list, Duration
In 16 years we have learned how Compliance works, how MLR (Medic, Legal, Regulatory) approvals work, and how to align with GDPR and other national Personal Information regulations. Most of our projects operate within highly regulated and competitive industries serving major global and national corporations.

We know how sales and marketing functions operate at all corporate levels, and we know how to help you reach your targets. We understand how your financial function and sales force effectiveness function assess effectiveness and plan frequency and coverage – and we know how to make qualified contacts with your Target List via digital means.