How to drive target HCPs to your webinar recordings
How to engage target HCPs and collect their personal contacts with all proper consents to comply to GDPR and industry rules

How to drive HCPs to your webinar recordings

How to account for digital touchpoints
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This presentation is for pharma marketers and will show you how to create a database of target doctor email addresses, which is larger and deeper than any you have right now.

It comes with first party GDPR-grade consents, so you can engage with those doctors directly yourself.

Today we will review successful examples of how to invite doctors to webinars without having to cold call, and how to close your marketing loop through doctor engagement."
Hello everyone.

My name is Sergey, and I lead Maxillence, which is a global service provider in the digital marketing space helping pharma companies.
We have a proud track record of helming successful digital projects with global pharma companies.

We have all heard that content is king, and I’m sure you have great content.
Now you want your target doctors in the target geography see it and engage with it.
To engage your customer directly, you need personal information, like an email account which he really checks; and the doctors' consent to process his personal information and receive marketing communications through digital channels.

Then, when you invite your potential customers to webinars, you want to track the engagement of each of your customers individually.
This helps your rep personally react to the healthcare practitioner – or HCP - taking a step forward on the customer journey.

We digitize what pharma companies used to do in the past to market and sell their products.
Now many pharma companies use webinars and remote detailing.

To reach doctors remotely we need 3 things:
Firstly, in order to reach your contact you need valid and direct personal contact information.
Secondly, you need to talk to your contact directly, so you have full transparency.
Thirdly, your content, which drives a meaningful engagement with your customer.
As GDPR and similar regulations are now in place, we also need a valid consent for P I processing and for marketing communications.
This is the ticket which will let you engage with doctors, invite them to webinars, and more.

If your reps have been working the target list for many years - you are all set to go remote.
But if you enter a new therapeutic field, or miss lots of valid contacts or consents, you would want to grow your contactable database.
Content can now be put on 3rd party medical networks.
But, this means you rely on 3rd party consents and do not get names of webinar recording viewers or duration of their engagement for segmentation purposes.

Simply put, cold calls are not the best way to start business relationship or collect consents and PI – in the digital space it simply doesn’t happen this way any more.

So in the first part, we are going to consider Pull marketing.

We are going to walk through the journey that starts with gathering emails and obtaining consent, and shows how we continue the journey later with qualified touchpoints in the second part.

The third part will covers how to engage new doctors and create email address databases which are larger than you have right now. You get consents so you can engage with the doctors, invite them to webinars and other valuable activities.

You have content, you have your target universe, now you need these two to meet. Since it is a big effort, you need to keep track of how are you doing, and do it Excel style. This will be covered in the fourth part.
The Multi-Channel Measurement Unit is a measure like a mile or a kilometer. You can use your custom metric system based on your current communication mix. It is transparent, replicable and easily localized.
Lets start with review of a real digital funnel that delivers contacts, consents and qualified engagements.

We need an Effective, Flexible & easy to use instrument to engage new doctors online.
It needs to be doctor-friendly, leaving no target universe annoyed and be GDPR compliant.

About 10 years ago I was in a commercial job and had to promote a prescription drug for disease that is diagnosed and treated by a group work of several different specialists.
It was a new therapeutic area for the company – so no established target list for reps or contactable database.
And the product is already in the channel, it is out of pocket and very expensive .
So I face thousands of customers to be screened for potential, and I have 8 reps.

With this new drug it was critical to be with the doctor on the same page about several things, that make your value proposition clear to them.
Furthermore, in order to start business discussion, it is critical to bring the customer to the same page where your benefits are seen.
Experience showed it took about 6 visits, and 6 months, to go through science behind the disease, consequences, diagnostics, treatment options and their mechanisms of action.
Only after that it starts to make sense to talk about trial and how to prescribe and how to administer, about target patients, etc.

Starting the communication is quite challenging if done via Push.
Why is it so ineffective?
We annoy people trying to establish relationships, as we do it at their work time.
When only thing they want (in most cases) -- to get less reps at their doors, because they have patients to serve, a nice new doctor to chat and so on.

So, how do I digitally engage target doctors more effectively?
When they are not in the stressed business mode and don’t have their defenses up?

First - is when and where.
The answer is - when they are online after lunch, on a break, at home, scrolling social media friend’s posts.

The trick is to start by offering content and delivering value to him upfront.
For him – it’s a fun and engaging stuff.
For us – screening and start of his customer journey.

There are 4 key steps here
First – you announce an engaging non promotional content, which is professionally fun for them .
While he is having fun we screen him for potential and get all needed consents.
If he fits the target he is engaged remotely on 1 to 1 by Zoom or Skype.
And, if he checks all marks, you give him to sales team for addressing objections, and follow up.

Doctors have enough opportunities to engage with this HCP Magnet.
Average doctor, like most of us, spends couple of hours per week or per day stuck to facebook, twitter or Instagram.
If doctor is interested in the exact therapeutic area and relates to it, by spending like 10 minutes of his life going through nuts and bolts of an interesting patient case, and these are the doctors we want.

So, at the beginning, we knew we showed ads to doctors in London area.
At the end, we have the potential target doctors name, specialty and role, place of work, patient potential and probable place on the adoption ladder
It keeps reps focused on detailing, and the target doctor becomes “contactable”.

Now, when you approach him, he is happy to see you as it is not a cold call – you are contacting him as he requested after enjoying the patient case.
On top of warming up the new customer, it shortens screening from months to weeks, and reaches everywhere.
It is easy to manage the volume of target doctors inflow to address changes in sales force volatility.
It delivers first hand consents in you custom legal wording and provides for GDPR compliance

Good Launch is getting a bigger target list contactable database with consents,
and making sure you target list do engage with your sales content.
And you would want to see individually by the doctor how is he doing, in Excel.
In the next part we will see how it works.

Now you have your narrative as a webinar recording, and you want it to be seen by your target universe.
So the first step here is to make sure, that as much of your target doctors start watching the webinar recording.
And if you see them continue watching it to the end – you are doing a great job.

Many digital campaigns do not report fully on the participants, limiting the information to «there were cardiologists from these cities».
That makes it challenging to understand how many actual touchpoints have been delivered to the target list, and if any of the target doctors had watched to the end.

So imagine I am a rep, and I plan calls and visits for the following week.
I check my data and see that in the last 3 days, Dr. Jones, Dr. Bob and Dr. Mike had 3 qualified engagements with a key webinar recording.
I better visit them as soon as possible while they are "warm".
To have the opportunity to react swiftly to customer engagements, we need to know who watched our recording, and when they stopped watching.
Of course, this needs to be done appropriately and compliantly.
Personalized engagement data provide support to sales force effectiveness function.

Lets see how all this is done in an actual case that is still on air.
The doctor scrolls through his Instagram and sees a post, marked “Medical test for London’s doctors”.
He clicks on it, leaves Instagram, and lands on the project website.
First, he is walked through GDPR and local compliance legal wording, then he provides his credentials or registers,
and after that he is presented with the advertised non-promotional content.
Doctor qualifies by criteria or by belonging to your target list, you have his consents, so now you may present him with promotional content.

Lets see how this works on the compliance side
The ad driving to non-promotional content is targeted at doctors from your target list or new doctors you may want to start a dialogue with.
When the doctor has identified themself, their credentials and personal information is verified and matched to your target list.
Before you have verified it is Mr.Jones from London who is on your target list you should not share any promotional or branded medical content.
Everyone who sees the promotional content should be doctors from your target list who have consented to your customised legal agreement.

The best part here is you do not rely on third party consents, cookies or non-transparent, non-auditable reports.
From start to finish, the process of consenting, PI collection and content delivery all happens in one place on one server on one website.
And since you get consents first hand directly from your target doctor, you can plug in your corporate standard GDPR approved language.
Usually you would include items like consent for Terms of Use, cookies and privacy policies; consent for P I Processing, consent for digital channels marketing communication; and information on GDPR rights execution.

For sales force effectiveness it is very valuable to have the personalized customer engagement data to close the marketing loop and account for qualified contacts.
The information shows doctors names, contacts, specialty and personalized engagement data.

When you need to build a database of target doctors that is bigger than you have right now, and you want to engage them digitally or personally later on, you may want to have their first party GDPR consents.
It is always handy when the contacts you receive are valid and the guy really picks up the phone and checks his e-mails.
Then you can drive them to your content and equip your salesforce to get selling post-Covid style.

We have talked on how to grow your target doctors contactable base, and how it works on the compliance and legal side.
Now we are going to build a digital funnel, that drives your target doctors to your webinar recording.

First, we need to define the target. This can be done by a list of names, or by specialty, for example.
Let us say we need Endos to prescribe and GPs to diagnose to route to an Endo.

Second, we define what our target markets are – let’s say, for example, we go for the UK and Germany.
It could be more precise, but to make it simple we’ll go for UK and EU GDPR realms.

Third, we need to have our standard corporate legal wording to hand.
These are the wording of consents, wording of policies and disclaimers your legal and compliance have already pre-approved.
It is convenient to have first-hand direct consents from your customer for personal information processing and marketing communications, as well as personal contact information to stay connected further on.

To engage Endos and GPs seeing diabetes patients, you will need to have medical or marketing content that is non-promotional and interesting to your doctors
I am sure you already have a lot of leave behinds or detailing aids that are available and approved.

You also need the webinar recording available so you can start driving target list doctors to it.
It could be a recording of the live event or a set of videos, it just needs to be available, approved, and do the job that you want it to do.

The digital booster funnel, as we call it, drives target HCPs from pre-defined locations to the webinar recording you want to be seen.
To enable this HCP customer journey we collect consents using the legal wording you choose and provide.
And to filter HCPs and have them ready for detailing on diabetes, for example, you need medical content on diabetes and perhaps questions for HCP potential scoring.
When these are done, you get a solution that streamlines your target doctors to your content, and before it is deployed you get screenshots of all touchpoints of the sequence a customer might see for your approval.

After enough meetings and alignments have been completed, the sequence gets approval numbers or similar blessings from the organization.
Now you have the report on your webinar recording engagements with names and locations that will help you identify the rep responsible for the specific doctors.
This makes the engagement valuable for the sales organization and provides for accounting for the contact on sales force effectiveness books.
And it is transparent and can be easily audited or build upon.

Now we have the contacts of doctors, and we know which ones have watched the webinar recording.
What next?
First, we need to integrate this into our sales effort and establish an Excel field sales force effectiveness plan and digital engagement plan, all helping us to track performance.
Then we need to be able to plan and compare “apples to apples”.
This is extensively addressed in the separate “digital accounting” workshop.

Digital Accounting allows you to do the books on your sales and marketing efforts with full data.
With apples to apples Multi Channel Measurement Unit method, we can compare different sets of field, hybrid or dedicated remote engagement campaigns.
Knowing where you are, and being able to track performance means you can plan and execute meaningful engagements with your targeted doctors.

The initial contactable base was 900 – meaning we had 900 sets of valid personal contacts of doctors, that granted us direct consents in valid format.
After Digital Webinar Booster implementation our customer has 11000 valid contacts, with their custom corporate language consents.

Webinars deliver most value in the moment when they are seen by target universe.
Digital Webinar Booster paves the way for the webinar recording to be seen by your target doctors.
The resulting detailed data on engagements provides for full transparency.

With lockdowns in many parts of the world, many teams were handed with Veeva Engage and instruction to do remote detailing.
In the major affiliate of our customer 1 thousand reps made 1000 successful remote engagement detailing in 1 year.
In another affiliate, our customer used Remote Engagement Booster and had over 2 thousand qualified remote detailing with just 4 dedicated reps, in the same year.

We digitize what pharma companies used to do in the past to market and sell their products.
I would be glad to go into more depth on how to invite doctors to webinars without having to cold call and how to close your marketing loop through doctor engagement.
If you are interested in Digital Webinar Booster or Consent Booster, contact me on Linked In or drop me an e-mail that are on the screen.

The Multichannel Measurement Unit and what to do next having a contactable base is discussed in a separate presentation.

I would be glad to share it with you on a 1 to 1 call we can schedule online.

Please contact me now, this is a very interesting topic and I would really appreciate your input and feedback.

Find me on Linked In or use my work e-mail.

You can find my contracts on, along with more information on remote HCP engagement. 

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